SNOL 2000/600

Electric oven SNOL 2000/600 is suitable for various thermal treatment processes up to 600°C, e.g. drying, preheating, normalization and other similar purposes. Oven can be applied in electronics, plastics, metal and other branches of industry. The application of induced air circulation ensures good temperature distribution throughout the chamber and fast heat treatment process.


  • Control panel on the left side,
  • Ventilation motor on the top,
  • Heating from 2 sides tubular (U-shaped) heating elements,
  • Insulation with rock wool (complete lack of asbestos),
  • Inside casing in 304 stainless steel,
  • Outside casing in metal sheet, powder painting grey (RAL 7035), frame black,
  • Door opening to the right,
  • Door safety switch,
  • OTP (over temperature protection),
  • SSR relay.


  • Buzzer
  • Timer (delayed start)
  • Omron Touch screen
  • Digital data recorder Eurotherm 6100E
  • PC connection and software V2.0
  • Door opens to the left,
  • Additional shelves,
  • Reinforces bottom for heavy loading,
  • Removable bogie for convenient loading
  • For more – please contact


Technical data Dimension SNOL 2000/600 N
Chamber volume Liter 2000
Rated power not more then kW 65*
Rated supply voltage Volt 400
Rated frequency Hz 50/60
Number of phases - 3
Continuous operating temperature °C 50 – 600
Maximum  temperature °C 600
Working chamber material - Stainless steel 
Working chamber surroundings - Air (with hot air fan)
Airflow - Vertical
Maximum heating- up time (without charge), min Min. 100
Temperature stability in working chamber at rated temperature in thermal steady state without charge not more than ± °C 1
Temperature uniformity in working space at rated temperature in thermal steady state without charge not more than ± °C 10
Oven working chamber dimensions:
width mm 1250
depth mm 1450
height mm 1100
Outside dimensions:
width mm 2460*
depth mm 4345*
height mm 2410*
*Might be adjusted