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SNOL 2×6405/150 – “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2014”

January 27, 2015Exhibitions

Every year the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists, which unites the strongest industrial companies of the country, announces the Product of the Year competition. As the organisers of the competition underline, these awards are not state awards – it is the appreciation of the business community. In other words, the business community evaluates one another’s production. Of course, it is done with the help of professionals only – specialists of different spheres, European quality experts who can assess products from the outside and without any pomp are invited to act as assessors.*

We are very proud that in 2014 AB “Umega” won three “Lithuanian product of the year 2014” gold medals, one of which was won by SNOL for the development of a new oven SNOL 2×6405/150.

It is designed for processes that require very stable temperature and its proper distribution throughout the chamber. The control system and the fact that the product itself begins to radiate heat during the process (controlled inert temperature) makes it easy to control the temperature. Since harmful substances are released during the process, we specially adapted the furnace bottom and ventilation system with appropriate filters.


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