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SNOL 4×80/200 LSP18

Multi-chamber low temperature electric oven SNOL 4×80/200 is designed for the thermal processing, drying, preliminary heating and other thermal processes of various materials and parts up to a temperature of 200 °C. Product can be used in scientific laboratories, educational institutions, medicine and industry. Forced air circulation allows a homogenous temperature distribution to be delivered during all processes, which ensures optimal results.



  • Chamber made from mild steel
  • Natural or forced air circulation
  • Hermetically sealed doors
  • Microprocessor temperature controller
  • Includes standard shelves
  • High-quality, ecological thermal insulation material
  • Low electric power consumption for increased energy efficiency
  • Short heating up/cooling down period
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Outside casing – metal sheet, powder painted grey (RAL 7035)
  • 1 year warranty


  • Additional standard shelves
  • Reinforced shelves
  • Metal tray
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Digital timer
  • Fan speed controller
  • Buzzer
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Data recorder
  • Data communication/USB
  • Calibration of temperature measurement system
  • Oven exterior made from stainless steel
  • Additional 1 year warranty

SNOL 4×80/200 LSP18 brochure


Technical data Dimension  SNOL 4×80/200 LSP18
Useful volume Liter 4×80
Rated power not more than kW 18
Rated supply voltage V 320/220
Rated frequency Hz 50
Number of phases 3
Continuous operating temperature °C 50-200
Maximum  temperature °C 200
Working chamber surroundings Air
Airflow Forced air circulation
Shelves (number)/max. 4
Temperature stability in working chamber at rated temperature in thermal steady state without charge not more than ± °C 2
Temperature uniformity in working space at 200°C temperature in thermal steady state without charge not more than ±°C 10
Oven working chamber dimensions:
width mm 500
depth mm 400
height mm 400
Outside dimensions:
width mm 1910
depth mm 925
height mm 1950
Mass kg 440