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SNOL Weighing Furnace

We are proud to introduce our newest inclusion into our product range, designed by a group of professional engineers and made from high quality materials, which are manufactured in our factory.

The new laboratory furnace SNOL 13/1100 LED was designed for combustion loss determination (loss on ignition) with the assistance of added balances, which weigh the materials before, during, and after the process. This could also inform about the completion of the process – as soon as the weight ceases to decrease.

It is used in a variety of technical processes; you no longer need to open the furnace and take out the contents in order to find out the status of materials like, for example, sediment, sludge, soil, waste, or inorganic materials such as cement, lime, calcinated bauxite, and refractories.

For more information refer to the product description.

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